Friday, September 23, 2011

Requisite Opening Intro Blog

Today is the day.  Yup, THE day.  The big big day that start’s out the rest of my life; or something like that.  Apparently today is the day I start a blog and realize just how lousy a speller I am.  Maybe it’s just how lousy a typist I am…  Thank goodness for spell check.  Although, I must say that MS Word’s other suggestions can bite me.  I want things to look like this, stupid!  Or is it to look this stupid...?  However...

We all know that this is where I’m supposed to spout off about myself and who I am, but I don’t really want to do that.  How much do you share over the internet?  What’s safe what’s not?  Will I be a total extrovert posting pictures of myself flossing or is everything cloak and dagger and I’m actually a man from Poughkeepsie in an internet café downing octo-shots of espresso and hallucinating from the caffeine overdose?   ¿ ?¿?What to believe? ¿? ¿  

Those questions are a part of why I’m not doing a big intro, but I’m sure over time you’ll find out about me and who I am through what I post.  At the very least you’ll find out who I think I am, which may or may not be accurate depending on the accuracy of my own self perceptions.  *Some are somewhat warped in my opinion, so I don’t even trust my opinion of me much.  Wow, that was convoluted.*

Eventually, I will fill out the “About Me” bio thingy with some “facts” and such.  Personally, I would be irritated at a blogger who shared nothing personal on a personal blog; seems to defeat the purpose to some extent to me.

I’m not sure what this blog will turn out to be.  I think it will have my ponderings (I was going to put musings, but everyone says that don’t they? Then I started thinking, “What exactly are musings?”  That got old fast, so ponderings it is {Still doesn’t seem right…}), life observations, possibly personal anecdotes, maybe even reviews of other blogs and/or stuff that I buy.  The good Lord knows how this will turn out, because I sure don’t. 

So I think this is enough for the first installment of this blog.  I could do more, but I have personal obligations to attend to that may or may not include my family or work or the authorities or a stomach pump due to that octo-shot…

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